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Kemper Health - Voluntary Benefits

If you got sick or injured, would you have enough money to help protect yourself and your family? Kemper Health voluntary benefits gives you and extra layer of financial protection when you need it most with cash benefits paid directly to you and no restrictions on how the funds are used.


Cancer Insurance

Nearly 40% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. The Kemper Health Cancer insurance plan includes a wide range of benefits to meet your needs.

Voluntary Benefits

Kemper Health voluntary benefits give you and extra layer of financial protection when you need it most.

Be a Good Benefit Consumer

An unexpected illness or injury can greatly impact your financial future. Whether you’re starting your career, starting a family or preparing for retirement, Kemper Health voluntary benefits can give you peace of mind.

Financial Success for Employees

Kemper Health voluntary benefits help you safeguard your financial savings against copays, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.

Limited Benefit Medical Insurance

The Kemper Health Limited Benefit Medical insurance plan provides a cost-effective health insurance alternative to help you and your family manage expenses from high medical costs.

Short Term Disability Insurance

What steps have you taken to protect yourself and your family in the event of a disability? Kemper Health’s Short Term Disability coverage protects a portion of your income, so you can have peace of mind when faced with the unexpected.

Accident Indemnity Insurance

Even with a minor accident, costs can add up fast. When an accident occurs – whether major or minor – Kemper Health’s Accident Indemnity insurance plan will pay benefits for emergency room visits, hospitalization and more.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

A severe injury or illness requiring hospitalization can strike you or a loved one at any time. A Kemper Health Hospital Indemnity insurance plan offers additional coverage to help offset costs associated with a hospital stay.

Accident Expense Insurance

Kemper Health’s Accident Expense insurance plan integrates with your other existing benefits, giving you additional financial protection in the event of a major or minor accident.


Benefit Success for Employers

Kemper Health can create competitive benefits plans that will help your employees prepare for the unexpected.


Success for Your Clients

Kemper Health plans offer affordable, cost-effective benefits by identifying the voluntary benefit products that address your clients’ needs based on their existing benefits package and employee demographics.

Kemper Signature Gap Insurance

Kemper Health’s Signature Gap insurance plan is a secondary plan that works with your clients’ current coverage to fill gaps in the existing plan while maintaining benefits and meeting ACA mandates.