Cancer Insurance

If you’ve known anyone who has dealt with cancer, you’ve probably seen the financial impact it can cause — even for those with good medical coverage. In addition to the direct costs of medical tests, doctor visits and treatment, cancer patients and their families face long lists of indirect expenses: transportation, child care, hotel stays, meals away from home and time missed from work for one or both of a family’s wage earners. As cancer becomes more prevalent, it’s critical to understand supplemental cancer insurance and why this product is important for both clients and a broker’s business. The Kemper Health Cancer insurance plan is designed to include a wide range of benefits. You may customize a plan to meet any employer or organization’s needs.

Plan at a glance

  • Benefits paid directly to employee
  • Coverage can be for the entire family
  • Waiver of premium after 60 days of disability due to cancer for as long as disability lasts
  • Optional coverage for 32 other specified diseases